Month: May, 2009

Seamen Need Not be Lonely When They Share the Company of Men

28 May, 2009 (20:04) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

All those lonely nights at sea can make a man yearn. He will pine for the sweet embrace of his loved one – long for the day he make love to his love. Ridding oneself of these built up emotions is only a short term fix. When you are away at sea for months on end a sailor will reach a point he wants to explode with sexual tension. Christo is an old sea dog. He has been around long enough to recognize this state in a sailor not quite as seasoned as he. And tonight he recognized it in Able Seaman Johnson as he stood at the bow, listlessly staring at the reflection of the moon spreading itself over the ripples of the sea. Christo approached Johnson and placed his hand over his shoulder. Johnson did not even acknowledge Christo’s hand. In a firm and fatherly tone, Christo spoke, gazing out to sea in the same direction, “I know what you are going through. All men feel the same when they’ve been away so long. And, there’s only one way to get rid of those feelings. But don’t worry, it doesn’t make you queer or nothin. It’s a necessity. All of us have to do it”. Able Seaman Johnson turned his head sharply to examine Christo’s face. Johnson carried a look of shock and slight disgust across his face. But then his mind began to compute. He began to see the wisdom in Christo’s words. Realizing his chance, Christo offered Johnson no extra time to change his mind, “Come on, we can go to my bunk. No-one will see us”. The two men left the bow of the ship and headed for Christo’s bunk. At first Johnson didn’t move, so Christo removed all his clothes. He got to his knees, picked up Johnson’s flaccid cock in one hand then placed it into his mouth. He started slow then slowly increased the rhythmic sucking motion of his mouth. Johnson shut his eyes and tossed his head back moaning in ecstasy. Christo knew that he was imaging his girlfriend was at his waist instead of he. As Johnson’s dick became rock hard Christo ceased his blow job, stood up and simply said “fuck me”. Without any words spoken, Christo lay across his bunk and placed his legs up in the air, exposing his hole for Johnson. The Able Seaman began stuffing his cock into Christo’s inviting hole. Eager to satisfy his lust, he desperately continued stuffing it in. The lack of lubricant caused the skin and hair on Christo’s hole to stick and tear but Johnson manically began to thrust his hips back and forth. Christo braced himself and grit his teeth as Johnson’s huge cock pounded violently into his raw ass. The burning, catching sensation was almost unbearable even for Christo’s seasoned ass but he let Johnson plow on until he was screaming in ecstasy.
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Secret Love Discovered

21 May, 2009 (20:02) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Brokeback Mountain is more than a movie for Tad and Tommy, it is their life. They grew up away from the city, where there are wide open spaces and where they can make secret gay love under wide open skies. They would be run out of town if anyone knew they were homosexual. But today, as they began their satisfaction of their young lust for each other, they had a witness. A shadow behind a bush watching in amazement as Tommy slurped at the head of Tad’s adolescent cock. Twitching his head in ecstasy to the side, Tad spotted their uninvited onlooker. The boys froze dead in their tracks. But to their further surprise, the young man behind the bush only rose to his feet. Without a word he stepped from behind the bush. It was then that Tad and Tommy could see their voyeur’s huge cock standing to attention, for his pants were unzipped and lowered several inches. No-one knew what to say or do until Tad broke the silence, “Let me suck your cock?”. The new addition to their party sheepishly nodded his head in agreement and stepped forward to join them. Tad was on his knees, alternating his mouth between two huge cocks that were thrusting at his face. With the thrill of new hot meat being present, Tad crawled around on all fours, positioning his cute ass in front of their visitor. The new arrival accepted the invitation and lined his head up with Tad’s hole, then slowly pushed it inside. With a moan Tad reached with his mouth for Tommy’s cock. And there the three boys remained, rhythmically pumping their hips and softly grunting and groaning under the watching eyes of nature.
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When the Gardener Cums

15 May, 2009 (10:18) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

John loves Monday’s. For Monday is the day that his gardener, Ahmed comes. John would secretly watch Ahmed in the garden while he worked – lifting heavy loads, burly arms bulging and tightening under the strain and the sweat glistening and streaming off his tanned skin. He would often invite him inside for a cool drink. He never had Ahmed’s welfare in mind, his motive was always to be closer to his object of desire and lust. Ahmed stepped through the sliding door and removed his gloves. He wiped the sweat from his brow, heaving chest and wrists. John instantly caught lung fulls of Ahmed’s manly scent, all the more powerful from toiling outdoors. A power overcame him and he brusquely grappled against Ahmed, holding his torso tight and pressing his lips and mouth into his. Ahmed didn’t resist. Like a sheepish giant he went along with John’s advance. Realizing there was to be no fallout from his rash act of lust, John hastily removed his trousers. He forced Ahmed down by his muscular, rounded shoulders until he was level with John’s naked, extended cock. Ahmed assumed command. For a large, manly man he was surprisingly tender as he lapped at and caressed John’s cock with his warm, wet tongue. John moaned in appreciation. Ahmed repositioned John, gently motioning and guiding him to the floor so that he lay on his back. John’s cock thrust bolt upright, reaching for the ceiling. Ahmed flung his right leg over to the side of John so he straddled him, his face in the direction of John’s toes. He cupped his hand to his mouth and spat into his palm, then wiping his saliva over John’s huge rod. Ahmed lowered himself down, placing John’s cock into his ass. He gingerly lowered himself further, until John’s dick had pierced his hole. He let out a slight gasp and a grunt. Cautiously he began to slide up and down that big pole – slowly at first but with ever increasing momentum. The friction of the two surfaces of raw skin lubricated with spit made a slurpy clacking noise…
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Young Lust Under Water

7 May, 2009 (21:06) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

After a work-out in the gym Pedro and Santos were in need of a good shower to wash the sweat that was streaming down their sweet eighteen year old bodies. Rivulets of salty sweat ran down the valleys of their backs and down the front between their firm, developing chest muscles. Their little patches of sprouting under-arm hair lay plastered across their arm pits, waiting to be refreshed with a foamy bar of soap. After a workout, their testosterone production seemed to peak, making the boys feel super horny. And it was always at this time that they seemed to bump into each other in the shower room. Santos could take the hormonal overload no more, so courageously broke the ice with a “hello” to Pedro as he swirled the soapy foam over his taught, brown abdomen. He followed with, “you’re hot, I want you…”, almost snarling out the last words between teeth clenched by lust. That was all it took. Pedro stopped washing himself and gently inched closer to Santos. His dick immediately started injecting blood into itself, bouncing around in its jerky ride to becoming erect. Santos’ cock did the same. The boys gently pressed their lips to each others, in a soft delicate kiss. They reached for each others cocks, feeling each other out. They took their growing cocks in hand, thinking how long they had each wanted to hold this flesh in their hands. Realizing what he must do next, Santos knelt upon his knees and with the water cascading over their shiny, clear skin he he gently bit and sucked at the tip of Pedro’s cock. Pedro let out an appreciative gasp and sigh as Santos continued to lick at his balls. Pedro stepped back, clambering for the support of the tiled wall behind him. He steadied his shaky legs and reinforced his stance with his arms out to the side. Now, not only was he prone but he could take more of the delirious, pleasurable torture that Santos was dishing out…
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When a Bat Traps a Spider…

1 May, 2009 (00:14) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

In the world of gay super heroes, the gay Batman is a slut. He usually just slings Robin up in the bat cave and fucks him silly or fists him good to suppress his wild sexual needs. But lately he has grown tired of the same asshole. Gay Batman always fancied gay Spiderman. He thought he was hot in his tight red super hero’s costume that hugged his heaving chest and rippling abs and biceps. So the chase was on. Spiderman tried to escape but Batman’s lust was too strong. After running out of web fluid Spiderman was cornered. With Spiderman begging for mercy on the ground, Batman ripped open his pants to unleash a huge erection, pulsating at the thought of plunging into his target of lust. Spiderman relented as he simply had no choice. As Batman teased his ring with the head of his giant cock, Spidey’s dick also began to grow. The stimulation his rim was receiving was a turn on after all. With enough foreplay Batman plunged his bare cock in, without the aid of lubricant. Spidey yelped and groaned in discomfort as the huge member forcibly made its way into his anal passage. Without easing Spidey’s muscles Batman rammed and stabbed at his ass. Spidey clenched his fists and grit his teeth as Batman aggressively pounded into him. All he could do was pray that soon his savage torture would be over.

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