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You Never Know Who’s Watching

25 June, 2009 (21:02) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Welcum to the world of gay anime….The hotel security manager sat in his small office surrounded by TV monitors beaming back a myriad of pictures from all different sites and angles around the hotel. That’s when he noticed Mr Johnson and Greg, a bellboy, slipping into Mr Johnson’s room. The security manager sat forward in his chair and flicked a control. The monitor blinked up an image of inside Mr Johnson’s room. Hotel management didn’t know but the security manager had a kinky fetish that he liked to satisfy each night – he had installed secret cameras inside the hotel rooms so he can play out his voyeuristic urges.In no time at all he noticed Greg removing his clothes as if under order to do so. But, he kept his bellboy cap on. Greg’s cock was throbbing and bouncing in the air as he began removing Mr Johnson’s suit. Greg, down on his knees, reached into Mr Johnson’s pants and pulled out his cock and stuffed it into his mouth. His mouth slid back and forth along the shaft of Mr Johnson’s cock. Mr Johnson grabbed the back of Greg’s head and forcibly rammed it hard onto his dick. Greg was going hammer and tongs when the security guard witnessed the two stand up and Greg lay down on the floor. He flung his legs up in the air with Mr Johnson roughly pushing them back even further. He drooled saliva down onto Greg’s hole then slid his bare cock in. With his neck tie still on he began thrusting quickly and aggressively with his hips while Greg wanked at his own dick. The gay guests continued their raunchy fuck while the kinky security manager watched on.

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When the ‘Doctor’ Calls

18 June, 2009 (20:14) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

John appeared to be a good samaritan. I mean, why wouldn’t he when he is a volunteer at the hospital? Once a week he visited patients who might need cheering up or just a chat. Only, when he saw Marco resting in bed, he had other things in mind. John started out with light conversation, all designed to suss out if Marco was gay. Once he established that he was his hands began touching or ‘accidentally’ bumping Marco’s firm body more often. He started dirty talk, talking of fucking guys and how much fun Marco would have when he was released. All this talk was arousing Marco. Being bedridden for 2 weeks he was also incredibly horny. His cock began to visibly grow under the bed sheets. John could see this and thought he’d play a game of doctors and nurses. Lifting the sheets he peered under to find Marco’s cock rigidly standing to attention. With a look of glee on John’s face he slid the curtain around the bed, closed the room door and removed his clothes. “Don’t move”, he said. “You’re sick, I’ll do all the work”. With that John positioned himself on top of Marco’s rod. It slipped in easily and John glided his ass up and down Marco’s horny cock. For a sick man Marco had not lost any of his virility. As best he could he thrust with all the force he could muster so John’s ass received some punishing stabs from his hungry cock. The men began to groan as John bounced higher from Marco’s lap. “Ar, aw, oh yeah, fuck my ass” sighed John, as he scrambled to stay impaled on Marco’s relentlessly pounding cock.

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A Fuck is Just a Phone Call Away

11 June, 2009 (22:07) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Leo is an actor. He’s a famous day time soap star with a huge female fan base. Little do his fans know that Leo loves cock. All his “I love you”s and air kisses to the screaming, adoring ladies that wait for him outside the studio each day are all empty. But that’s not the way Leo likes his ass to be. He wants a hard cock up his ass to fill it right up. To satisfy his animal urges Leo uses the services of a high priced, discreet male escort service. They know his voice and they know Leo’s tastes. With just a few words Leo has a hot man with a body of pure sin at his door within the hour. Tonight, ‘Zed’ has called. No time is wasted. Within minutes Leo has the clothes from his taught, muscled tanned body. Both men’s chests are heaving as they fondle each others cocks and kiss and bite at the neck.
Once Zed’s cock is as rigid as a poker Leo turns himself to back into Zed’s arcing penis which is saluting the ceiling. Leo savours the feel of the head of Zed’s cock poking into and rubbing against his puckering hole. His mind races ahead in anticipation and he visualizes Zed’s cock entering his ass and pumping in and out. His heart pounds harder and his own cock bounces in the air as more blood gorges into it with all the excitement. With his right hand he peels back his right buttock to expose his hole. With his left hand he takes Zed’s cock so that it it perfectly inline with his hole. Zed pushes his hips and pelvis forward. As he does, Leo lets out a deep groan, tosses his head back and reaching behind secures himself with his two arms around Zed’s waist. This also lets him pull Zed into him with twice the force that Zed can pound on his own. The two men continue rhythmically thrusting and gyrating and the apartment fills with their increasing moans and groans.

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Dream of Something ‘Hard’ Enough…

4 June, 2009 (22:02) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Geipetto always dreamt of boys. They tortured him in his dreams. He saw visions of naked, young, handsome, youths with splendid cocks. They teased and played with him. But alas, Geipetto was old, lonely and lived in a small village where his fellow villagers knew not of his sordid, erotic dreams. They would also be assured of not approving of Geipetto’s way and probably cast him from the village. To cope with his secret lust, Geipetto, who was a carpenter, carved a boy of his own. But something magical happened. The wooden boy witnessed Geipetto wanking one night as he cradled him in his arms. Perhaps it was the combination of the strong forces within the two that made the boy spring to life and turn into flesh when Geipetto’s cum splashed over his wooden ass. Geipetto so lusted after boys while the boy found Geipetto’s sexual deviation so alluring. Geipetto couldn’t believe his eyes. He reached forward and felt the hard muscles made of real flesh and blood. He reached down and felt his boy’s ‘wood’. It was real alright. The old man lay back and he drew the boy into him. The old man was in heaven as his old ass once again felt a real cock inside him. His Adonis made sweet love to him each day and an old man’s heart and lust were once again content.

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