Month: July, 2009

Winner Takes All

30 July, 2009 (19:04) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

It was the Gay Games. Arnaud had a long standing rivalry with Carl. This Games he was determined to beat him. But it was not to be. Carl’s body was the first to break the winners ribbon. In the shower as the warm water gushed down the valleys formed by Arnaud’s lean muscles, he tried to wash away all the pain of losing. Just then he felt a hand grip his cock. It was Arnaud. He began tugging at it. With all the testosterone coursing through Arnaud’s veins his cock engorged almost immediately. But losing to Carl was too much. He couldn’t let Carl take him now from behind in the shower. Arnaud pulled back and stepped behind Carl so Carl was now in front. He grabbed Carl’s cock so it was in his hands and began stroking it until he was subdued.

With his left hand Arnaud grabbed Carl’s shoulder and with gentle pressure forced him to the ground. With the steamy water still running over them, Arnaud lifted Carl’s left leg so his manhole was exposed. He snaked his body forward until his rod was in line with Carl’s puckering hole then slowly, at first, plunged it in. Once he felt his head break through Carl’s asshole he began to thrust with all his might. He rammed and rammed his cock into Carl, who lay wincing on the shower floor, his hand desperately reaching for something to clutch. But there was nothing for Carl to grab so he simply grit his teeth harder. Arnaud didn’t give up, he kept drilling Carl with his cock. The feeling was so good. Not only the feeling of Carl’s tight hole on his cock, but to see Carl helplessly spread over the shower floor at the mercy of his dick which continued to inflict pleasurable pain. All those years of losing to Carl didn’t matter anymore.

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Kang’s Shy & Has a Lovely Cock

29 July, 2009 (00:37) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

I find the fact that Kang is so innocent and new to gay porn that its even more of a turn on. I mean, Kang is hot looking, has a lovely lean physique and a beautiful cock but just that he maintains his shyness makes you like him even more. But I know you’re here for the physical (ie gay porn with Asian boys), not the emotional, so please enjoy Kang as he strips off his shirt (I wanna touch his chest and suck his nipples!) followed by his pants (you can see his package flopping around inside his undies). But the cameraman wants to touch too, which he does, and Kang’s delicious looking cock gets hard. Kang loses a little of his shyness and is able to take his cock in hand and wank for us all (wish I could suck his dick too!).

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Hiromi’s Sensual Foot Bath

26 July, 2009 (23:06) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Two cute gay Japanese boys cum together to share their lust for feet. Mikio just loves Hiromi’s feet. He wants to take them in his hands and bath them in nice, warm soapy water. He wants to lather them up, caress them with both hands, separating the toes to make sure all the soapy suds get in between. And keeping with Japanese traditions, he knows where the pressure points are to stimulate Hiromi’s ‘ki’. I’m sure Hiromi’s loving every minute and the sensual foot play must be sending messages to his loins. But once Hiromi’s feet have been bathed clean, Mikio wants to nibble at his toes. He softly and delicately sucks them, swirling his warm and wet tongue in between the delectable digits. I don’t know how Hiromi can contain himself on the bed…

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Anime Jail House Fuck

22 July, 2009 (22:08) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Jake looked lonely, helpless and vulnerable sitting behind the bars in his cell. And not only did he look that way, but the guard thought he looked damn hot. Minding the jail of a small town gets lonely work and can lead a man to frustration, especially if you lust for hot young men. So the guard decided to lead Jake to the officer’s cots out back. Once they had their privacy the guard removed Jake’s clothes and cuffed him to the radiator. Threatening him with his truncheon the guard made Jake suck his cock. After being pleasured the guard got to his knees and placed Jake’s young hard cock in his mouth. Jake grimaced and looked the other way but his cock still maintained its raging hard on. Stopping, the guard lay back and exposed his hairy hole to Jake. Jake took the hint and maneuvered his pelvis so his cock could penetrate his captor’s hungry hole. Feeling disgusted he still continued to thrust his cock into the guard’s ass. The guard lay moaning and groaning but maintained his eyes steadfastly on Jake as if he were savoring and scrutinizing each and every action. A feel of anger took hold of Jake and although he was completely helpless he decided to take revenge on the guard the only way he could – he began hammering the guard’s ass as hard as he possibly muster. He thrust with every fibre of his being but to his surprise the guard didn’t suffer, he only moaned louder as if in ecstasy.

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Gay Cartoon Cop Gets His Man – Up His Ass!

16 July, 2009 (21:06) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Leon could run no more. The boyish cop had him cornered in an alley, with his gun drawn. Backing up with his hands in the air he was surprised to see the cop withdraw a gun of another kind. The cop had sheathed his pistol and pulled out his erect cock, squeezing it menacingly at Leon with a sinister smile on his face. Backing Leon to the wall the cop shredded Leon’s top from his huge, muscular, heaving chest. With prior convictions to his name, Leon didn’t dare resist. The gay cop then roughly stripped down Leon’s pants and took his huge black cock into his mouth. He sucked and sucked at that cock until it grew to almost the same size as his own forearm. Leon was at first repulsed at what was going on but the gay cop’s mouth was warm, soft and wet, and his tongue tickled the head of his cock. It was the best blow job he received in his life! He was interrupted from his thoughts by the gay cop issuing a demand of “Fuck me with your big black truncheon. Ram me till that thrusts out my mouth”. Leon obliged. He got to his knees and stuffed his big black dick into the pink puckering manhole that was begging up at his face. The gay cop winced in ecstasy as Leon drove in his cock and began rhythmically thrusting back and forth.

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Horny Hentai Hunk Needs a Fuck Bad

9 July, 2009 (17:57) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Gay cartoon character, Arnaud, is as horny as hell. Taking all those ‘roids’ to get him as buffed and ripped as he is has an annoying side-affect – he wants to cum 5 times a day. Seeing Ben pump his bicep was severely turning him on. He began to feel animal urges well up inside him. With a quick word in Ben’s ear it didn’t take much convincing to lead him to the shower cubicles out back. Once they had privacy, Arnaud gruffly forced Ben’s head down on his already erect cock. He thrust it into Ben’s mouth, who choked on Arnaud’s big head. Arnaud groaned in pleasure and relief, his huge muscles everywhere contracting and twittering as he is pleasured. With his hormones and gay sexual lust raging he needs something more, so he placed Ben on the edge of a bench and lowered his manhole down onto his big cock. Soon he was squatting and sliding along Ben’s hard shaft, scratching his sexual itches with a good bareback fuck. Arnaud felt himself ascending to a state of ecstasy and soon his cock began to involuntarily spurt cum out everywhere as he continued to bounce his ass on Ben’s raw cock.

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Even Gay Cartoon Characters Wanna Fuck

2 July, 2009 (21:04) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Bruce was sitting by himself in a dark basement gay bar, trying to drown his emotions in vodka. It had been 6 months since his boyfriend had dumped him. His boyfriend had told him that he was too boring in bed and took off with a younger toy-boy. Just as he was mulling over these thoughts, two sleazy looking guys surrounded him from either side. They were slightly drunk and invited Bruce home for a gay threesome. At first Bruce didn’t like the look of these hentai type characters, but thinking of his boyfriend’s parting words that he was boring in bed, he said ‘why not?’. When they got home the two shadey guys began roughly stripping Bruce of his clothes. They kissed him all over his back, his chest and his abdomen. One fell to his knees and began sucking hard along his shaft. Bruce gave in to the moment and let himself enjoy the warm, wet mouth sucking his cock. Then he heard the words, “fuck me” whispered into his ear from behind. Before he knew it his rear aggressor was bending himself in front of Bruce, positioning his asshole as an invitation for Bruce’s throbbing dick. Without a thought Bruce slid his bare cock in and began thrusting back and forth. The guy getting fucked reached forward and grabbed his buddy’s cock and stuffed it into his mouth, almost using it like a bit-stick. The room began to fill with moans and groans as the three men fucked and sucked each other. With each thrust in with his dick Bruce delighted in the muffled groan coming from his ‘victim’ as he struggled to expel the air from his mouth which was stuffed with his friend’s thick cock.

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