Month: November, 2009

Zee’s Tied Up & Abused

30 November, 2009 (20:10) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

It’s a soft gay bondage scene – Zee’s tied up on the bed in “I Like It Rough”. His tied wrists are stretched above his head, dark bushy patches of hair nestling in his armpits (sexy!). His mouth is taped shut and he has hot G string undies braced with over-shoulder elastics. Seeing Zee like that he looks so helpless and in the perfect position to be used and abused by Rock and Bank. After buttering him up with their tongues his firm butt is whipped. Zee’s flipped over on his back and Rock swallows his cock whole. After massaging it with his tongue, Zee’s cock begins to stand to attention. I can’t wait to see what the boys do to Zee next…

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“Foot Shower Boys” – Asian Twinks in Gay Foot Play

29 November, 2009 (20:52) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Three naked Thai twinks are in the shower and it looks like Rock’s feet are going to receive some pampering. Zee lovingly scrubs them clean and after toweling them off begins to gently kiss, caress with his tongue, suck at the toes and nibble various parts of Rock’s feet. Bank makes sure his feet don’t miss out on some of the same treatment too. But with Rock all fired up he wants to cum on his submissive buddies’ feet. The boys oblige and each press a sole together so that Rock can simulate fucking by sliding his Asian cock between. Orgasm builds and Rock ends up blowing his load across his friend’s feet.

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Please Loosen My Hole

27 November, 2009 (19:09) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

These are the words that J Park must have said to his sexy, artistic fuck buddy, Masanori. After having his creamy skin tickled by Masa’s calligraphy brush, J now tickles Masa’s cock and lips with his mouth. Leveraging his sweet ass in the air, J invites his tight hole to be fingered. J then works his kinky artist’s cock till it’s nice n hard – so he can climb on top and lower himself down on that rod. Although J’s a sexy slut, his ass is clearly tight. But however these two sexy Asian twinks fuck, its still very erotic and sensual to watch, especially if gay Japanese and Korean boys are your thing. .

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Sexy Asian Twink in His Undies

26 November, 2009 (19:08) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

OK, what looks sexier: Dan wearing his undies or Dan without his undies (with his cock resting in his hands)? For me its a toss-up. He’s hot either way! Something indescribable draws me to Dan every time I cum across his hot, fit Asian body (in my fantasy and online)! But those tight undies with tufts of black pubic hair sticking out here and there are designed to get our hearts and minds racing. And when they slip off and we see his super delicious Asian cock, there’s no stopping my hand from reaching for my own dick. I can imagine the sweet scent that his cute Asian cock and balls have left in those undies too, only serving to get me higher and hit the point of no return.

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Tanapat Cums Then Showers

24 November, 2009 (20:03) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Tanapat lets us watch his sleek, sexy Asian boy body in the shower after a nice relieving wank. That cock of his sure is one thick Asian sausage – that manmeat is almost as thick as his wrists! And after he’s juiced it for all the cum he had loaded, we get to watch the cleansing water caress over the surface of his sexy yellow skin. The water flows through his pubes and channels off the tip of his thick uncut cock. And what about that little butt? Imagine scooping that up in your hands or thrusting something through the middle of it…

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Sexy Wrestler’s Referee Cops a Cum Facial x 2!

23 November, 2009 (20:30) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Zee’s still lying helplessly on the floor or on his knees with his asshole open to Rock’s incessantly thrusting cock. Rock plows away with every muscle of his rippling torso tightening behind each thrust. After Zee’s ass receives the marathon fuck of his gay porn career to date, the innocent referee gets placed on the mat between both boys and gets an almighty cum facial from the left and right of his face, jizz splattering everywhere. Finish by watching the sublime body of Rock wash off in the shower. Just how many muscles on his body can ripple when he twists about?

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Asian Boy Feet Coated in Cum & Yogurt!

23 November, 2009 (09:54) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

That ever so sexy combination of food and (foot) sex cum into play in “Foot Yogurt Licking” – not to mention the three sexy Thai twinks that star. Rock enters the bathroom and starts by cleansing his foot fetish disciples’ feet, as each boy presses a foot together. He then smears creamy strawberry yogurt over them and messily and joyously laps it back up with his tongue and whole mouth. Making a mess as he goes, Rock spreads the yogurt over the boys’ shins and calves right up to the knee. Sparing some yogurt for himself, Rock smears it over his hot muscles of his chest and uses it to lube up his cock. Turned on to the max Rock starts foot fucking the boys’ feet and then ends up cumming all over them, spreading his cum further over their feet.

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J Park’s Naked Body Art

21 November, 2009 (20:04) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

In part 1 of The Porno Book, J Park’s smooth, creamy white Korean skin becomes a canvas to Masanori’s brush. He expertly and erotically brushes Japanese calligraphy over J’s back and reads it back to him. With his animal instincts aroused, J starts to strip down further so Masa can get at his delicious little cock. J reciprocates and starts relieving Masa of some of his clothes – pulling his shirt off to reveal Masa’s hot, tanned torso. Off come the undies and down goes J, putting Masa’s cock in his mouth for a soft, sensual blow job.

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Sexy Japanese Stud Tugs His Thick Man-Meat

19 November, 2009 (21:03) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

I implore you – look down the length of the body before you now. It’s Asian, young, has a fresh handsome face, strong adolescent form, and a fabulous physique coated in lush yellow Japanese skin. It’s Naoto – the Japanese stud with the big dick that has been sourced to satisfy the lust of all us gay Rice Queens out there. I think he’s fantastic. And if you did what I did, your hand subconsciously edged towards your crotch after looking over his pics (or did you consciously move it there? lol). When he strikes that pose seductively lowering his sexy black underwear below his pouty belly button I just wanted to dive through the screen and get into those pants! Naoto’s just too delicious looking to pass up.

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Zee’s Uncut Asian Cock Will Cum

17 November, 2009 (19:07) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Remember Zee? I’m sure you do as his finely featured, clean, cute face is hard to forget. Plus he has a memorably solid, sexy body and delicious looking uncut Asian cock that he loves to play with. We were up to him lovingly stroking his cock and fingering his steamy hole. Well, in part 2 of Morning Boner this amateur gay porn star keeps digitally probing his hole and going at his cock until it erupts, firing a few volleys of cum up in the air and onto his tanned, yellow belly. And, he looks so cute and happy with himself with his sweet, innocent smile he flashes after he cums!

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