Month: December, 2009

Asian Boy Kang in Gay Play

31 December, 2009 (20:04) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Slimly built Kang reappears to play with his kinky cameraman friend in the nude. After bearing his body he grasps his cock and hardens and stretches it out into its slender long form. He lets the cameraman play with his ass hole, letting it get digitally penetrated. But what’s this that’s going on? It looks like either Kang or his gay Asian porn buddy want to indulge in a little foot play. After having his cock stimulated by his friend’s foot, is Kang getting ready to blow his load over those feet? What ever is going on you can certainly admire Kang’s body and his lovely cock.

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Muscular Asian Stud Gets Butt-Fucked

29 December, 2009 (21:32) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Time to mix it up a bit with rice and potato action. You may remember Gene (the Asian dude with the hot, brown body) and you may also be aware of the German dude with the big cock that loves to fuck his Asian lovers. And oh, how those boys love to take every inch of his long hard cock up their ass! They say pictures speak a thousand words. For example, look at the body language of Gene as he straddles the deck chair, arms ready to brace, head down as he waits to feel his ass cheeks separated and then his ass invaded. Or look at him lying there on his back with his legs up in the air, cock buried deep in his ass, mouth open groaning as he plays with his own cock in an effort to cum with his prostate being stimulated.

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“Spurt Loving Twinks” Practice Bukkake

29 December, 2009 (01:10) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Scene after scene Yaum has taken a load of cum in the face. He’s been facialed (and fucked) more than any gay Asian boy I can remember at Well, in this scene he gets to give some of his own back as he drains his ball sack onto the face of his orgy buddy. And speaking of his buddy, check out how much cum gets deposited on his face! There’s hardly a spare inch of dry skin. And all that cum forms rivulets of salty, milky, gooey goodness that slowly drools and dribbles down the sides of his cheeks and down either side of his neck. Now that’s damn good bukkake!

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Rock The Tickle Slut 2

27 December, 2009 (19:02) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Rock’s foot teasing and tickling continues in part 2. Bank and Zee’s foot tickling with their fingers mouths and tongues steps up a notch as Bank decides he wants his cock to slide against the pads of Rock’s feet. And Rock still appears to be helpless to do anything. In fact, he even assists Bank by spreading out his thighs and pressing his feet together so Bank’s cock can feel all the sensation of a simulated fuck. You can see the physical sensation coupled with the erotic foot fetish thoughts in Bank’s head overload him and he ends up dumping a volume of cum all over Rock’s soles.

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Takesh Jerks Off to Calm His Lust

25 December, 2009 (22:05) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Takesh is home alone and waiting for his sexy fuck buddy to call round for a gay romp. But Takesh is inpatient and horny. Alone with sexual fantasies running through his head such as visions of his friend’s physique in tight clothes or memories of his last fuck. He cant take it any more so decides to drain off some of that lusty energy. He lubes up his solid Japanese cock so it glides through his hand easily and heightens the sensory impulses. He has the thought of his friend’s ass in his mind, thinking of the last time he had his cock inside him. That’s the clincher for Takesh and he starts to spill his milky cum from the top of his Japanese cock. Oh well, Takesh’s is young and horny so he’ll still have plenty left to give to his friend.

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Asian Boy Gene Jacks Off by the Pool

25 December, 2009 (01:10) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

No wonder Gene has such a sexy brown tan, if he basks poolside all the time. But he must take a break now and then to hit the gym, otherwise how would he get all those hard defined muscles? You can see the muscle fibres straining down the middle of his chest as they multiply out into the slabs of meat that form his pecs. And what about those abs? But is that other muscle of his that I’m more interested in – his ‘love muscle’. Starting as a flaccid brown shafted pink headed sex toy that flip flops over his inner thigh and abdomen, he plays with it a little and it begins to change shape. Enjoy Gene’s jack-off shots with butt shots just to get you even hornier.

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See How Zee Likes to Pleasure Himself

22 December, 2009 (21:11) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Zee has that sweet, innocent Thai boy look across his face. Its accentuated when you see him in that typical Thai high school uniform, which also makes him look even sexier. He seems like a shy boy that with a little encouragement, will be a lot of fun. And when the staff of GayAsianAmateurs gets Zee back to the hotel room, they succeed in coaxing more than fun out of him. Zee shows us how he likes to have fun with his own body. And I have to say, I love his solid tanned build, his strong looking legs, delicious uncut cock and hairy butt! With a close up of Zee’s hole when he digitally probes himself, you can see just how hairy it is.

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Simon Gets Fucked Then Cops a Facial

21 December, 2009 (21:03) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

OK, now don’t these pics look hot? Look at that naked Asian body laid on the bed, legs spread open, asshole ready to receive Asian cock. Another naked Asian body sits close, cock at the ready, prepared to push inside that asshole. And push inside it does. After sliding in and out of Simon, warming him up on his back, Simon can then lower his manhole down onto Singha’s hard cock and go for a ride. And once Simon’s ass gets massaged, he’s laid between these two gay Asian twinks so they can milk themselves and spurt their jizz over Simon’s face. And after his cum facial, the cum dribbles down the side of his face. Yum!

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Asian Boys Who Like Tickling Feet

20 December, 2009 (21:14) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Its always the big muscular macho looking men that are strong on the outside who are weak on the inside. All Rock’s tight muscles and his square jaw may make him look tough but wait till his gay Asian twink friends, Zee and Bank run in to the room just wearing their towels, pin Rock down on the bed and start tickling his feet. Rock looses all power and succumbs to the tickling sensations across the soles of his feet. And that tanned little Asian bubble butt sticking up in the air doesn’t look too bad either, does it? And you know what tickles feet even more than fingers? That’s right – warm, wet mouths and tongues!

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Naoto: Hot, Sexy, a Japanese Boy-God

18 December, 2009 (20:05) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

After pumping up his abs, chest and cock in part 1 of ‘Cock Exerciser’, Naoto sits back, puts on some porn and starts tugging at his cock. He looks divine sitting on the sofa plugging away. His broad shoulders, gorgeous tanned Japanese skin, his firm and shapely pecs, and his big cock all act as erotic stimuli for us gay rice queens. And I can tell you, his orgasm is so fucking hot to watch. He puffs up his big chest, every muscle in his torso contracts, he strains and halts his breathing, tilts his head back and…WHAM! Cum rockets through the air at a million miles an hour and splats him right in his muscular pec. You’re bound to cum while watching…

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