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Tickling Leonard

18 July, 2013 (17:00) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

This very cute and sexy straight Asian male tried hard not to laugh when Ricky
first started the tickle assault, but it didn’t take long to get him belting out
some of the cutest boy giggling ever. His feet were wonderfully ticklish an…

Tickle Fun With Jesse

27 June, 2013 (17:00) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Everybody’s favorite hot Asian tickle boy twink Jesse Rivera is back again by
popular demand. This tickle video request has the incredibly hot Jesse in
bondage with his wrists tied above his head while Ricky tickles his sexy smooth

Tickle Heaven

18 April, 2013 (17:00) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Hot ticklish Asian hunk Jesse is back at Laughing Asians after 3 years for some
more of the hottest Asian male tickle fetish action anywhere. Jesse is strapped
down on our tickle rack where he is relentlessly tickled silly by cute Asia…

Japan Boyz Love

8 March, 2011 (17:30) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Gay Asian Porn

There is no mistaking Tatsushi’s love and desire for Masataka. And you have to agree that it would be lovely to have such a hot and horny top, catering to your every sexual desire. This film starts with Tatsushi giving Masa some hot kisses. He is really into armpits as well, and licks Masataka’s sweaty, hairy pits. Then he runs his amazing tongue over his nipples, body and cock before finally coming to his favorite bit: Masataka’s hairy hole. Once his tongue is inside it he licks ferociously, even spitting into the hole. After juicing up that hole with his saliva, his cock rock hard, and he inserts it into the hole. He rocks that ass laying down and standing up, causing Masataka to moan in sweet delight. Watch the full video now at Japanboyz.com!

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Zee’s Tied Up & Abused

30 November, 2009 (20:10) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

It’s a soft gay bondage scene – Zee’s tied up on the bed in “I Like It Rough”. His tied wrists are stretched above his head, dark bushy patches of hair nestling in his armpits (sexy!). His mouth is taped shut and he has hot G string undies braced with over-shoulder elastics. Seeing Zee like that he looks so helpless and in the perfect position to be used and abused by Rock and Bank. After buttering him up with their tongues his firm butt is whipped. Zee’s flipped over on his back and Rock swallows his cock whole. After massaging it with his tongue, Zee’s cock begins to stand to attention. I can’t wait to see what the boys do to Zee next…

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Asian Feet Drenched in Cum

4 October, 2009 (21:08) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Thai twinks, Simon and Chit are feeling cheeky and in need to satisfy their foot fetish, so they attack Singha who is resting in bed. Simon pins Singha down with his arms up above his head, armpits exposed, while Chit starts to tickle his feet. Singha wiggles and writhes around naked, his little Asian cock flopping around. Eventually Singha submits and lets Chit lovingly caress his shins and calves and suck the king of all toes – his big toe. But its Simon that gets to have the most fun. He gets to slide his big cock between Singha’s clasped soles, forming a valley for his cock to fuck in. The stimulation peaks – kneeling, head tossed back, Simon spills himself all over the soles of Singha’s feet until a river of cum forms between them.

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J Park Cums from ‘Korea With Love’

23 August, 2009 (05:06) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

I’ve been waiting for J Park to return. His sweet look and hot little body coupled with his willingness to do anything when making gay Asian porn was a real turn on. Well, he’s back and he seems to grown up a little – for the better. He’s lost a little of his boyish look and has grown more handsome. I think he’s been working on his lean six pack as well – your gonna cum watching him swizzle and gyrate round his waist which makes all his muscles ripple. And what such delicious, creamy white skin, lightly haired armpits, sexy undies and cock he has! You can admire it all as he pulls at his own cock, fingers his tight little hole and shoves geisha balls up his ass.

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