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Suzuki Raw

16 April, 2013 (05:10) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Japanboyz.com presents Suzuki. This 23 year old, slim guy is from Japan and he is appearing for the first time on film. Chatting him up a bit, we get to know a lot about him and his preferences; the word “twink” keeps coming up in his desires. He say…

Boykakke’s Top Model 5: Raunchiest Orgy Contest

27 September, 2012 (04:04) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

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Well, who doesn’t like an orgy? These four are hot on the “tail” for one another and they have no problem helping themselves to each other. On this episode of “Boykakke’s Top Model: Raunchiest Orgy Contest,” we have Noom Sadka, Nut Lakdee, Od Bunlung and Yai, engaged in a hot foursome that begins with a wank and a piss. After bathing in this gorgeous feast, go to the forum and pick which model did it best for you. After the boys harden, Nut receives a golden shower, happily. They then go back to orally pleasuring one another and, from there, every orifice is used for a dick. Up close, we have Nut sucking Noom. Od has his turn getting a “shower.” The four pair off as Od is fucked by Noom and Yai pounds Nut. A nice zoom in takes the action up close and personal as all four try different positions in taking and receiving. Od gets the added pleasure of being pissed on, while being fucked by Nut. Nut gets his own “spelunking” experience, when Noom dives in. Od takes advantage of his position, to suck Yai. From below, a great shot shows us the depth of their fun; all are moaning. Noom pulls out to piss on Nut; he then goes back in. Nut continues to fuck Od as Noom penetrates Yai, deeply. Od leans over to caress Yai as they are both being explored. Nut is the first Boykakke boy; both Noom and od are tugging to orgasm. Noom creams first, releasing a thick load onto Nut’s lips and tongue. Nut then receives Od’s dollops and all is washed away by another pissing.

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Fucking my Asian Amateur

4 April, 2012 (18:38) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Meeting out in the street, looking to “start a little trouble,” Van hooks up with a homie. Heading back to Van’s, the chemistry and heat start from the moment they hit the couch. Van strips quickly then lip locks the guy’s cock. The friend has abou…

Bass Aphiradech – Sucking on my Big Cock made him Shoot his load

7 February, 2012 (15:35) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Welcome the newest amateur I got over to my place for an initiation into gay Asian porn. This handsome man has a nice sized cock and is a great cock sucker. That’s why I enjoyed it as he gave me a blowjob and I video taped him shooting his load at …

18 Year Old Sweet Boy Cream

1 February, 2012 (11:26) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Welcome the newest sweet boy I found, named Baht. He is an adorable 18 year old student and this is his first time to every to gay Asian porn. I think he is so cute and didn’t want to scare him too much, so started him out in the shower. Once I was…

Somjit’s big cock cum Facial

3 January, 2012 (19:11) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Somjit is a bad boy of gay Asian porn, which is why I brought this 19 year old twink back…to teach him a lesson. I start by sucking his sweet dick. I also love licking this boy’s delicious dark nipples. Next it’s time to play with his ass. I star…

Fucking a Straight Asian Boy Thae

20 December, 2011 (01:07) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

I love fucking real Asian men. That’s why I was so happy when I found Thae. Thae is a 23 year old man from Phitsanalouk. Aside from having a hot Asian butt, he also has a big thick cock. I loved watching him stroke his fat meat as I finger fucked h…

Fucking my brothers Friend Amp

5 December, 2011 (23:02) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

My brother has this hot friend named Amp. My other, who is straight, told me it was his ‘gay friend’ so I was curious to know more. When I saw him, I had an instant crush. Turns out Amp lost his job, so I figured it might be an opportunity for me t…

Asian Rent Boy Oum

21 November, 2011 (23:12) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

Oum’s story is not unlike many cute Asian boys that roam the streets in Pattaya. He is an 18 year old farmer boy that fled the country side for the bright neon lights of a-go-go bars. I picked him up off the streets and convinced him this vers…

My Straight Asian Hunk Friend Gao

10 November, 2011 (04:02) | Asian Gay Dating | By: Asian Gay Porn

I told my straight college friend Gao to come to my place for some cash and a jack off show. Gao is a 20 year old student in Bangkok, and of course as a University student, he needs some money. Before we started, he asked for a shower, which I told…